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Saturn Region Switch

Started by anonymous, June 02, 2004, 09:22:25 PM

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Hi guys, can anyone tell me the actual term for the switch used for the Saturn Region Mod? I heard of stuff like DPDT and things like that but I'm not quite sure what they mean. Thanks guys


You can use any switch you like.  You can use two pieces of tinfoil.  You can cut up a saturn pad, glue it against your saturn and hold those buttons to do the job.  Your only concern is: Connect Two Pieces of Metal.

What kind, shape and style of switch you use is entirely up to you.  


I didn't realise it was that simple. So can I use a simple on-off switch (2 position switch)? Or does it have to be on-off-on (three position switch)? Thanks very much for your help Lawrence


well it depends on what you want to do.  As you can see on the page you have to switch two points from +5v and GND to GND and +5v.  HOW you do that is up to you.

You can use a chip and one switch, like the switchless mod page shows...

You can use two on/on switches
You can use four on/off switches
You can use jumper cables from the trunk of your car
You can pay your little sister to hold the wires together...


Great thanks for the info, sorry about the simplistic nature of the question but I had to be sure before I started cutting holes. I think I'll ask my little sister like you suggested!  


I can hold the wire for 5 dollars or a bag of burittos :D