Saturn Switchless PAL MOD

Started by Martin, June 16, 2004, 04:48:26 AM

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Erm.. okay
I want to mod my Saturn to play europe PAL and Japanese NTSC games (Not Us).
I was wondering, since the Mod Guide on the site only features how to do it for a US Saturn, Where the wires on the chip have to be soldered?
I tried planning t.. but Im kind of a n00b at this... sorry for asking a stupid question.. but I did search google.. and I didnt find anything useful/ :angry:

It confused me because the PAL mode requires 2 of the jumpers to be connected.. and I dont know where to solder the extra jumper to.


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I don't mean to be rude but this is what's known as A Stupid Question.
If you look at the table in the mod guide it tells you exactly which jumpers to connect in order to enable the territory you require. You then just work your switch(es) out in order to be able to choose whichever you require.
It doesn't matter which territory machine you start out with, it just matters how you connect your switches. That's the point of that little diagram with the yellow squares in, see?