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saturn mod chip

Started by phreak97, May 31, 2004, 09:44:02 AM

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this post is probably on the border of getting me told off by lawrence, but i need the info.
im looking to buy [ censored by Lawrence ]

it needs to run burned games also, not just a simple regeon switch.



You've crossed the line, son.  There's no legitimate use for modchips in a SAturn as far as I'm concerned, and while I don't begrudge anyone owning one for personal muckery I can't allow this kind of discussion to carry on.

Also, Saturn chips don't affect the region, you still need a switch.


I does not understand modchip system on Saturn. I tested a modchip on 64 pin and that never worked.

I never see a Saturn with a mochip working realy. With my opinion Saturb modchip is fake.


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Saturn is well known for its various revisions. As Mod Chip is intercepting the signal between CD-ROM board and the M/Board the success really depends on the type of CD-ROM board in your Saturn. You often hear 32pin/64pin and this refers to the different type of CD-ROM board used in Saturn.

Forget about the early oval button M1 Saturn as there's practically no stock of the mod chi for this early version. The mod chip on sale nowadays is for later round button M2 Saturn. But with certain Cd-ROM board. Basically you need round button Saturn without Sanyo CD-ROM board and this is tricky bit as there's no sure way to find out the Saturn you are buying has 32pin or 64 pin inside without opening the shell... :)

Like mentioned Saturn uses two separate methods to check legit disc as well as the region of disc against Saturn. Even you get the mod chip working you still need to defeat the country checking - either installing region switch or convert iso image to the country setting of your Saturn using SatConv.exe



no they're not fake,but they mostly only work on 21 pin saturns I believe and occasionally on a 64-pin....but I believe a number of factors decide whether the chip will work on the 64-pin and not many have been able to get it to work.20-pin chips used to be made but I don't think any have been built in years.


1. crap i have a 24 pin chip with a 20 pin cable and oval buttons.. looks like im not getting one. there lawrence, all is good again.
2. stop this convo before lawrence eats me:P

ps: lawrence i do not think piracy is a good thing, i only burn games that either i cant afford, cannot get or do not intend to ever buy anyway, 95% of games i play i discard forever after 5 minutes, if i come accross a game that i intend to keep playing then i will buy the original if theres any possible way i can. i got this saturn for about $10 and was planning to muck around with it as much as possible:P anyway, sega doesnt make any profit out of saturn anymore, so what difference does it make?.. i should probably quit while im ahead.. im gonna make things worse for myself..
also, lawrence, would it be a bad idea to start a thread where people can show their views on piracy? dont attack me for that one as i am asking your permission first and would not want to get on your bad side at all..
thanks to anyone who posted info anyway..
and thanks in advance lawrence for hopefully understanding my views, altho theres every chance you wont. im gonna shutup now before i dig my own grave.


My views on piracy are here!

This topic is closed - carry the conversation on after reading the other one, kthx.