List Your Fav X68000 Titles

Started by Segasonicfan, March 11, 2015, 05:42:39 AM

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I enjoyed these.  What are your favorites?

Cotton (new levels and art, huge amount of menu options and improved graphics and different bosses that are in no other version)
Chorensha 68K (FM music is amazzinngg)
Keeper (by Success, same people as cotton.  Hiddengem and terrific puzzle game.  especially the 2 player mode)
Hang-On (kills the Genesis version)
Bonanza Bros (awesome arcade game)
Blue Wings 2
I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


Gradius II--I play this a lot.  I have the arcade board which has impressive audio on it's own, but the MIDI really pushes this one ahead.  Sounds awesome.

Aquales--Awesome game unique to the system.  Does everything you wish your Genesis/Mega Drive would.  Pretty much the only game I've seen to use a grappling mechanic outside of Bionic Commando.

Genpei Toumaden--so culturally specific it's just psychotic to a Westerner.  Love it.  Perfect port of the arcade game, too.

Die Bahnwelt--Awesome open-world cyberpunk run-and-gun.  It's like if Alien Syndrome and The Legend of Zelda had a baby.  Awesome stuff.

Thunder Force II--The definitive version.  Great shooter.  Love the Engrish and cursing.


ChoRenSha 68K - Amazing music and gameplay, difficulty feels right and no cheap deaths
Aquales - Fun to play and challenging, with great music and visuals of course
Afterburner - Really intense with a Cyber stick and gives a rush like no other
Geograph Seal - Great MIDI and very fun first two levels, though I fail at level 5..
Etoille Princesse - Really charming sprites, quirky gameplay and fun exploration
CyberBlock Metal Orange EX - Some of my favorite MIDI tracks, game itself is fun and of course the girls  ;)
Detana Twinbee - Can't stop playing this one once I start - good gameplay and music, colorful backgrounds, and you can credit cheese your way through it so no reason not to see it through
The Cockpit - Challenging on the highest difficulty and I love all the little bright lights in the dark   ;D


Im partial to Mahou Daisakusen myself... especially with that Midi!

I also seem to play a lot of the following:

Akumajo Dracula
Metal Orange
Gradius 2
Parodius Da!


The ones that I keep coming back to:

Dash Yarou - So addictive and old skool.

Galaxian 2 - All those ancient single-screen upscreen space shooters bore me to tears but this one is so fresh, challenging and before it`s time. 

Gradius Spacial - The same old Nemesis we`ve seen countless times but with a comical twist.

Pac-Land - The Super Mario Bros. killer and it`s just such an incredible conversion.

Parodius Da! - My favourite Parodius minus the annoying slowdown/wait.  Better than arcade.

R + R - The most impressive Doujin shoot `em-up by a country mile.

Thunder Force II - My favourite X68000 game.