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Started by famiac, March 30, 2015, 02:44:09 PM

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Hey all. I spent a lot of time over the weekend applying the Dennou club patches to x68000 games to run them on an x68030. It was really time consuming because i had to decode the instructions from google translate engrish. Took a lot of guessing.
I was able to install a lot of the games to HDD. The archive is seperated between FDD images and files to load onto an HDD.

The patches are listed here.

I did not/was not able to patch all of them, but i did patch 99% of the important ones (for english speakers)

The only game i couldn't patch at all was lemmings, because no known dumps have the proper executable. (all dumps are later revisions that the patches corrupt)
I could list the missing games later.


PS: If anybody has any other X68030 patches they'd like to share, i'd really appreciate it.



Sending BlueBMW or Opethian (especially with Opethian, as I think he only has an X'030 himself) a private message may net you better results, As they are the only two members of this forum I know of that have fully working X'030's

I have an X'030 my self.. but it's having further issues that are preventing it from fully booting, and because my job has now gone from part time to full time. I have a comically small amount of  spare time left to devote to trouble shooting it.

XM6g has an X'030 emulation mode, after doing some tests of it vs my real X'030 over the short time it was working in, it seams pretty much on the money with its emulation accuracy of the real thing.. so you could in theory, use it as a virtual testing platform for any '030 patches and testing to see what software and games will work on the real deal, without patching or having to fiddle with the binary to make it run.

I'm sorry I can't be of much more help.   


I used xm6g and xm6i to apply and test the patches, respectively.

They should be working. i was wondering if anybody had knowledge of additional patches.