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Hard Battle

Started by skpstmgs, March 16, 2015, 05:56:36 AM

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Hey guys,

Has this doujin shooter for the X68K been dumped?

I couldn't find any dumps of it online, but I did win that auction so if all goes well I can dump it and share with everyone.
There was also an auction of Hard Battle Plus but unfortunately I didn't win that one.
Looks like you fly an X68K and shoot floppies!  ;D


I think the game is not a dump in the public domain. I'm interested game.


I'm interested as well! keep us posted!


Alrighty folks, here it is...
Runs fine using 2HDBoot, but I haven't tried ripping the files to the hard drive yet. Enjoy!  ;)


HDD installation is easy.Copy all files from FDD to an HDD directory plus the two files in the attached archive and run !START.BAT.



Thanks for uploading Hard Battle, skpstmgs! Works great  ;D


No problem guys. Also, thanks Caius for figuring out the HDD install.
Can anyone get far in the game? I keep getting destroyed fairly early @ 15,000 points or so. They weren't kidding with the title..


According to my research in Japanese, I think there is also a Hard Battle Plus...