a RGB cable for both snes and gamecuble (pal) and Snes mods

Started by adamj1664, July 19, 2010, 08:15:52 AM

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Hi I'm new to this site.

i have an offical RGB cable for the gamecube, and I have a snes. I want to mod the gamecube RGB cable for both consoles. I was thinking of using 3 SPDT switches so i can cut the capacitors out of the loop and add them back when i need to. the full idea is to solder the middle connection of the switch to the connection going to the TV. solder the capacitor to one side of the switch and wire to the other, of course the wire will be soldered to the same point as the capacitor is to on the board. All i want to know is if this will work or not.

I plan on 50/60 hz mod the snes and ad rca's and a s-video out to the case, along with a blue led. my research sows me that I'll have to add a 75ohm resistor to the ground wire on the composite out and it should work. do i need to add anything to the audio out cables? and what do I need to do with the s-video out, I think if i just connect it to the C and Y plugs and clearly ground it, it should work. I want to add  them just for me.