Odd RGB find in my USA samsung dlp

Started by acem77, July 21, 2010, 07:56:30 AM

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When I was replacing the color wheel and ballast(grr ballast was still good) in my samsung HLP5674 dlp
I found a the back panel overly was masking a 21 pin scart/japanese shaped hole
and the pcb near that hole had solder pads for the 21pin connector....
I took some pictures but lost the memory stick and I am too lazy to rip my dlp apart again.  :'(

It has me thinking if the port is active past the solder pads for the socket.
There are more components before for the solder pads.
Maybe some soldering and a little luck in the service menu can activate it if needed?.......

This would be cool!
I need to get the service manual for the set,
I used a service manual before for a sony camera and discovered how to make a link cable to reprogram it.

I may get lucky again?


It may be firmware controlled, even if all the components are there the option to select it as an input might not exist.  Try it and find out!