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Dell Laptop Lcd

Started by Agentspikey95, February 20, 2005, 06:53:58 AM

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i've got a dell latitude XP layin' around here, no charger, and so, without power, this thing is completely useless. figured i'd use it, but is it possible to hook this thing up to RGB or VGA?
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If you've got a digital encoder for the thing, then step right up. Unfortunately, the individual chip generally runs about $250 or so if purchased singly, depending on the model of LCD your laptop happened to have. It's also not a part that you can just pull off of the laptop motherboard, since it tends to be integrated into the graphics card as part of a consolidated chipset.

I asked this same question a year ago about some of the LCD displays I happen to have lying around, and the answer is that it's always, always, always easier to get a pre-manufactured LCD screen with an existing composite or VGA input on it. So unless you want to find about fifty guys who all have the same screen to go in on an encoder chip bulk-buy, then you're probably out of luck. If anybody else knows differently, please speak up.

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