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Please Help

Started by Steve Hill, February 12, 2005, 12:31:06 AM

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Steve Hill


i need help, im going crazy over this!!!!

i do understand this has nothing to do with console mods, but i hae followed this forum for a while, and you guys really know what your talking about, and hope that you can help!

i need to convert my us copy of snatcher for mega cd, into a european one, using scdconv.

it seems simple, all i have to do is type, scdconv <isofilename> into a dos prompt and it will convert it, after running the .exe of scdconv

now i have no idea how to use dos at all, and just cannot get it to work. i have tryed every combination possible in a dos prompt, but just cannot seem to get anywhere!

im making my iso with nero, but its coming back as a .nrg file.but when i check the properties of it, it says it's a iso file, which is what it need to be to convert it - so i thnk i have this bit right.

i can run the scdconv.exe file ok and it come up with menu and says - usage: scdconv <isofilename>, which is where i cannot seem to get further

so im asking for any help possible, please treat me like a idiot if you know how to get it working, with simple steps! - i feel i know how to use a computer above the basic user, but this one has been driving me mad for months!


steve hill - goign gray cos of my mega cd!!!


These aren't the kinds of console hacks we get into around here, sorry.  


SCDConv is very well documented, but has poor interoperability. That is to say, it does what it does very well, but it doesn't adapt to different formats. The ISO format you have use with it is the base ISO9660 CD image produced by applications like CDR-WIN and Unix-based CD writer applications. So the Nero NRG format can't be used because it includes extra header and text data, as well as proprietary graphical stuff.

Like Lawrence says, this isn't the kind of thing usually discussed around here. You might have better luck in a forum dedicated to software hacking, rather than hardware hacking. Good luck.

-KKC, slowly completing his American Dreamcast collection. Flea Market, ho!

steve hill


i'll try to find it elseware



This isnt a software support forum, and you didnt even put it in the imports section.

However, anyone who wants to do anything on a computer needs to know how to use dos. You probably havent changed to the proper directory. Put your iso and scd conv in C:\Sega\
Now in your msdos prompt type
CD Sega
to change to that directory, now type in scdconv <isoname>
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN