N64 Pokemon models?

Started by Drewman21, November 24, 2004, 03:41:37 AM

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Howdy all,
   First post for me in any kind of forum.   So here it goes...
Looking over all the N64 posts on mods for overclocking. leds, power, and etc.  I have never have seen discussion on the last two models of N64's.  The standard n64 sized Pokemon blue and yellow model and the overized model with a Pikachu character on it with its foot for a switch.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about them in difference (or not) to the black and colored n64's in regards to the NTSC models.  I have never seen a post mentioned to if the NTSC colored or these Pokemon ones have s-video output or not. Just wondering as i only have a black n64 and I wanted to get one to mod if they can be over clocked and or have s-video.

Thanks ahead of time.


Also, does anyone have the manuals of these two models that could tell me about the s-video or not? thanks


I know which ones your talking about, and ive never used one. I can guarantee you however that if anything they have less then the versions before it. Nintendo only strips down on parts, they never add.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


My friend has one of these. Its huge.

It has the same multi-out on the back that all Nintendo systems since the AV Famicom have had. It doesn't have an actual s-video socket on the back, but I assume it has the same s-video as a standard N64.