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pc-9821 Cx2 or Xe10

Started by oblivion, April 17, 2023, 01:07:00 PM

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Hi, I have two PC9821s I've acquired but since information is so scarce and hard to locate on specific models I'm looking to see if anyone has any info or recommendations on either of these models. The Cx2 is a Pentium 75 though I believe mine was upgraded even faster. The Xe10 is a 100mhz dx4. does either of these models have FM sound? I'm fairly sure the Cx2 does but I can't confirm it. I read on a PC98 guide that the C models are pretty desirable but it specifically stated to avoid the Cx models. Does anyone know why?


I have a Cx model myself, with an upgraded CPU as well and it has onboard FM. The Cx line are what NEC called their CanBe models. The reason why they are best avoided is due to their hardware, especially the graphics hardware, breaking compatibility with earlier models which means some games do not work, and some have graphical glitches. Check out Steam Hearts for an example of graphical problems. Also although there is onboard FM, in my experience it is not actually as compatible as a genuine FM C-board card. I have a FM extension module for my machine and have disabled the onboard one in favour for it for better compatibility.