Just bought a PC-9821 NW150 notebook had questions

Started by mokos1, April 21, 2023, 10:16:16 AM

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I just bought a PC-9821 NW150 C model.  I decided on it because it has the FM 86 sound. Is it a good or bad PC-98 note?

My questions are it doesn't have a functioning floppy drive, but the hard drive and cd rom drive are fine.

Since I don't have a functioning floppy drive am I missing out on a lot of 3.5 floppy games or anyway to convert them to play?

I am also thinking can I just just find just make a data cd-rom and transfer files into the hard drive and play the games from there?

Are there any games that aren't compatible between the Windows 95 and windows 98 for PC-98? 

Thank you for the help!