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Started by kendrick, February 20, 2019, 01:03:46 AM

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Hi all. If you're interested, I did some forum content cleanup and restored some of the images in the Lost Posts section of the forum. The URLs were previously outdated but now point to the correct location on the current server. You can view all the glory of our game media content from 2003 at this location:


Part 2. I've gone and updated a number of links in the rest of the forum. They're too numerous to list here, but I've added links to some of my favourites:

The group once had a look inside an XVI compact:

NFG bought an XVI with a SIMM memory adapter back in 2005:

He also once crammed a whole PC into an SGI O2 shell:

We've got some Strider comparison screens:

And NFG shows off his mad soldering skills:

Also fixed a few random forum and article content links. Enjoy.