Started by emerald danjon, July 29, 2018, 07:21:24 AM

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emerald danjon

Hi all,
where i can find Pinout for this

thanks in advance.


So it's very likely you know about this already, but I'm pretty sure that port was never meant to be connected directly to a monitor. It looks like the PC-9821 shipped with an adapter that allowed you to use the normal JPN-spec analog RGB connection:

This image is totally stolen from this post on the RetroWiki page, which is in Spanish. Or Portuguese. I'm too lazy to figure it out for certain:


So my response doesn't help you with a pinout or anything. But I bet a pinout could be reverse engineered from that adapter if you can pick it up. So your subquest now is, 'Find the Adapter!'

emerald danjon

Hi, I was hoping to find the Pinout and make the Adapter myself,
today mount an Adapter to use the Commodore Amiga mouse on the PC9801DS.
I thought I could mount an adapter myself.

I knew about the existence of that adapter, but I wanted to directly mount a cable to VGA, to connect it to the Micomsoft XPC4 and Record some things...,

if i find the adapter or the Pinout of the adapter maybe... ::)

thanks kendrick, greetings.


Not 100%100 sure,but i think i got!

looking with words like this "pc9821 ã,¢ãƒŠãƒ­ã,° rgb ãƒ"ンé...ç½®"

i find this:


Here are some interesting images, but that output varies a bit from my Note:


looks good,if someone can see im wrong...i would appreciate it correct me ...,last thing i want is see some smoke  ;D,
i have no rush for build the cable,i prefer wait opinions.
thanks in advance.