Free community project: RGB / C Sync test rig for 240p Test Suite

Started by Segasonicfan, July 23, 2018, 03:28:13 PM

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Hey folks,
  after coming up against a road block with my newest video decoder design I learned about the amazing 240p test suite (
Since I need to make a PCB for myself to adjust signals, I thought what better way to support this amazing piece of software than to create test hardware to go with it!

This board will not only clean non-standard sync signals, it will remove Macrovision and should also protect against high-resolution inputs.

As mentioned above, this is a free project for the community, so feel free to add your input :)  I don't have time to answer a lot of questions about it, but if somebody has an important technical Q I will do my best.

For the full history of how this project began, click here:

My Website:
I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


More updates!  Been debugging the board and making lots of progress.  It works well on my bench and has been a HUGE help for Sega Genesis modding :) 
Stay tuned for version bump in the schematic...

Q: (Does anyone know how to insert an image in line with the post here?)
I design PCBs for retro game systems :)