Backup Technique & GameLab Preservation Project

Started by NFG, September 21, 2017, 06:51:48 PM

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As mentioned four years ago, I've got about 15 years of Backup Technique and GameLab magazine I want to scan and preserve.

It's a wondrous and unique archive of computer and console technical detail, with hacks, mods, DIY projects and plenty of schematics.  It's also a really neat look at hacking culture in Japan, with maps of Akihabara when it was still worth visiting, etc etc.  It starts off with pre-Famicom computers, but covers everything eventually, including Famicom and the Famicom Disk System, PC Engine, Megadrive, Playstation, Saturn, all the way to the PS2 which is where I stopped buying it, in about 2004.

No matter what, I'll be releasing every page, without charge or restriction.  This is too good to keep to myself.  But it's a massively time consuming operation.  Each issue takes up to an hour to digitize (and I'll be posting about the rig I built for this purpose later) and then more time to straighten, adjust and crop every page. 

So, if anyone wants to donate, I'll happily accept your money.  =D


I started the process in earnest today, and pretty much finalized the rig.  Issue #1 is done, and here's a preview.  There's so, so much more to come.


Fuck.  Turns out I'm missing about six of the very first GameLab issues.  I'm quite sure I used to own them, I suspect they were lost in the floods.  =(