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x68000 soundfont?

Started by King Candy, June 17, 2017, 04:10:18 AM

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King Candy

Hello guys.
I was wondering if anyone has made, or is interested in making, an x68000 soundfont.
the x68000 is my favorite foren computer. given it's following, you'd think a soundfont is in order.
Someone on these forums made a drum sample pack, which could be used as a starting point.
Sincerely, Nicholas McColm
"You don't know who you're dealing with! A tiger! who will kill you, piece by piece!" -random atari games staffer.


A sound font, for an FM synth chip? I may not know much about sound hardware, but even I know that such a thing is not really feasible. FM hardware are programmable and can create an almost infinite variety of sounds, to condense that down into a finite sound font is a fool's errand.


Hey Nicholas,

I made that drum sample pack a while back, though some suggested using PDEX.X to extract the PCM data and then import it into Audacity to save samples. Here's the thread:

As far as melodic instruments, the X68000 is pretty much covered by the VOPM VST plugin. It emulates the YM2151 and there are some massive bank files floating around loaded with instruments ripped from MDX files. You can find everything you need here:

Here is a playlist of tunes I made using VOPM + the X68000 drum sample pack: