PSOne Thrustmaster 5" LCD

Started by Anderson21, May 24, 2004, 01:31:11 AM

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I have a PS1 with Thrustmaster LCD screen. I was wondering if anybody has tried using  one of these for other purposes. I'm using the pinouts on gamesx for the ps av port and i managed to wire up a scart socket. I get stereo audio and a picture.
the picture is too bright and at the top of the screen it bends to the left.

Pins connected

Scart socket        Ps Av Port
    2                       2            
    4                       1
    6                       4

    7                       9
    13                     12    RGB have a 47uf cap in line
    15                     11  

    16                     8      with a 68R resistor in line (all i have)
    20                     6

I sometimes get a stable picture and then it starts to jump after a while :(
Any help would be appreciated.


You already know what the problem is. Just go out and buy the stuff you need.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


Cheers for the reply Atom.
Unfortunately i do not know what the answer is.
Any chance of some hints.
It would be much appreciated.


Which other system are you using? Some consoles like to have those 220mcF capacitors to get a properly proportioned picture.


thanx benzaldehyde.
Well the problem is i have a pcengine core grafx and want to use my psone screen. I have wired a rgb/scart cable using the info from to my pcengine and i get the composite sync off the Hu6280 chip.

I'll try out some 220uF caps instead of the 47uF i'm using.


Have you amplified the PC Enine RGB output? It really should be quite dark. It might be auto-adjusting the picture somehow. Maybe you should try removing the caps? But don't take my word for it. :lol: