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Started by YourselF, June 03, 2004, 12:49:25 AM

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I'm about to buy a VGA-Adaptor for my various consoles, but I can't decide which one...

I am looking for very good picture quality and I am prepared to pay quite a sum for a decent device (~ 250$ and perhaps a little more ;-)).

Regarding the following list of consoles, what is your advice:

Playstation 2 PAL
Gamecube PAL

If it is more recommend to buy single devices for each console, then I would be willing to go for that either.

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I forrgot to mention that I already own a Neoya X2VGA and I'm quite content with it. But as you know it is designed for XBOX only.

So what still gives me a headache is my PS2 PAL (with Modchip DMS3) and my Gamecube PAL.

Any help is appreciated.

The CRT is an LG Studioworks 900B (19'').

I once owned a X-RGB2+, but it didn't work for me. But I still have the converted EUR-JAP RGB-cable *g*.

I hope you can help me.



I was under the assumption that the PAL XBox and GC didn't have progreesive scan output because Japan and Redmond hate Europe.

But, if you're in the market, a nice one I use is the VD-Z3 by VDigi. The quality is comparable to the X2VGA, but it accepts any progressive scan component input. Also, it's cheap; cheaper than the X2VGA. :)


The pal xbox does,at least in australia afaik and only through component I believe.
Also a a modchip/expolit with a vga bios and your own cable hack will work too,with mixed results...some games won't work or are output in green....have tried it myself though so it may be issues with the method they are using.....personally I reckon solering straight to the video IC will give better results but most got the rout of using the component green output and splitting it into h/v sync(or using csync with a syn-on-green monitor).


Isn't it better to just buy scart leads and an XRGB2?
Why are you reading this?


Not really. Native progressive scan is always a better alternative to upscanning. Of course, only the four latest sysems have the capabilty. The Dreamcast does 480p RGB in hardware (Yay!); the XBox does 480p-1080i but only in component (Boo!); the Gamecube does VGA but only with modification to the component/D-cable (Eh... yay...?); and the PS2 does VGA but it's software controlled, sync-on-green, and very few games support it (BOO!). The XRGB is really for older consoles, most all of which do RGB but only in 15kHz.

For the absolute hastle that Darklegion describes, buying a $50 transcoder is a seemingly more logical choice. It works with any progressive scan game (480p and 720p) without the need for drivers or modification to the Xbox, and the resultant picture quality is excellent (not perfect, but excellent).