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PC-9821 Doom/Doom 2

Started by Tw3ek, May 30, 2015, 07:04:05 AM

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Hello all!

I do not suppose anyone has these games that can be added to the HDD image? My copy has 5/6 good disks and 1 faulty one :( Thank you in advance!  :)


HDD image

Original hardware or emulation?


Original Hardware.

I currently have the YAHDI installed, and was hoping to add the Doom games to it :)


I have installed other games to this HDD image and one of this was Doom.I'm planning to release it in a few weeks.Stay tuned.


I just wanted to let you all know that on the new image I'm going to be working with Caius on soon, we now have both DOOM and DOOM 2 working just fine and tested in both NP2 and on real hardware. I've edited the autoexec file (which I've named !START to keep consistent with all of other Caius' installed games) as well so that it doesn't loop to infinity and beyond like it was earlier when I grabbed it from the original HDI image.

I have a Viper-Multi card that allows for an overdrive processor CPU to be used to increase the clock speed, resulting in 83 mHz, so with this both games run very smooth with no slow-down. It's a very nice version of DOOM / DOOM 2 I think. Even supports cheat codes like God Mode.