Why are keyboards so scarce?

Started by 98pacecar, June 21, 2014, 04:29:52 AM

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I'm assuming that every X68k that was sold came with a keyboard and I'd think most came with a mouse. It seems weird that so few keyboards are still around given the amount of computers that seem to come up. Are they especially fragile or is there another reason there seems to be so few given the number of systems?


My full-size keyboard as an almost "IBM Model-M" build quality, so i'd say they are pretty solid. The compact keyboards are pretty cheap, and the cord is almost always dry-rotted.
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That's what I've found in looking at the few that come up. Just strikes me really odd that they are so scarce.


Compact model keyboards seam to be more common than the full size ones.. but yeah... his quite right, they have issues with build quality.

I got a compact model KB for pretty cheap.. but the bezel has a nasty crack in it, some of the keys don't work (thankfully.. most of the important ones do though) and rubber like material that covers the cable is peeling apart and falling off in patches along the cord.

Bare in mind though, if you REALLY want a full size keyboard.. you may have to "bleed through the noise" financially for it.

There are some people that make an sell keyboard and mouse converters on the auction sites now and then though.. but it seams to be a feeding frenzy, for them after they list them for sale.


Fortunately, the guy I got my system build me an adapter, so I'm good to go as far as using it. Just been trying to learn the market a bit and that's the one part I just can't wrap my head around. It's almost cheaper to get a junked out system or even some of the expansions than it is to get a keyboard.


Your probably better of building your own keyboard adaptor.. (providing you have the tools)

Things have gone mad as of late, it's what I'm finding pretty odd to... how much demand for these systems have gone through the roof (and driving up prices of working ones to insane levels) over the past few months.


I'm good on my keyboard, adapter and all. Works like a champ and is more than I need!

Just trying to understand why most systems don't have a keyboard with them when it seems like each one should have come with one originally. A computer is kinda useless without one.