X68k Compact fan replacement?

Started by alamone, November 09, 2013, 06:11:44 PM

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Well, while I wait for some solution to my keyboard woes, maybe I can work on something that's bugging me now - the fan on my Compact is pretty loud, are they all like this?
Have any of you replaced the fan with a quieter one?


Not remplaced it, but i think that it's a very simple operation.


Ive noticed that a lot of them are quite noisy.  I found a replacement for a few of them.  Not hard to change out.


Mine had a pretty high metallic pitch that annoyed the hell out of me which has since gone away. The fan is still pretty loud what fans of that size are concerned. Removing the fan is an easy enough operation but finding something of the right size is prolly the largest challenge.

The replacement would need to have holes in the right place for it to be neatly secured on the PSU.

I was thinking of maybe replacing it but decided against it.


So, anyone have any suitable model #s of quiet replacements? I don't mind dremeling screw hole mounts if they're not in the right position.


In case anyone is wondering, the existing fan is a 40mm x 10mm (or slightly thicker), 12V fan.
It looks hardwired to the power supply, although I haven't disassembled it to check.
I'm planning on just splicing the wires to a new fan, looking at the Gelid Silent 4.



Just finished installing one in mine Comapct XVI, what a difference, real "silence" compared to the previous annoying humming sound :)


Here are some pictures in case someone needs to see how it is connected directly with old wires.


Try now. Forgot to change it to public access :(


 Hi Msxtrd !

Excellent work ! I did a similar mod with my ACE HD some time ago. Replaced the stock fan to a more modern one and made it run from +5v instead of +12v. In my case +5v is enough because there is no hot SASI hard drive and the PSU itself can be cooled effectively with +5v because the bigger fan blades allow for more airflow.

Keep the scene alive !
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Thankyou eidis :). There are probably many X68000 machines with noisy fans, that eventually will fail. Change them now and enjoy the silence :P