Xpc-4 not passing 15khz over VGA

Started by 98pacecar, June 08, 2014, 12:26:20 PM

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Total newbie to the X68000 and even newer to the xpc-4.  I've found that when I use the VGA output on the xpc, games that start in 15khz (using final fight to test) are causing my monitor to throw an out of range error. Over VGA, the image while booting is bad as well. If I use the dvi output, it works perfectly in both 15 and 31 modes and looks stunning. This is with a Dell 2001fp 4x3 LCD monitor if that means anything.

I assume this is something with my monitor and I plan to test with a different monitor, but it thought the xpc would handle the VGA and dvi outputs the same way? Are there settings other than the mode that I may need to adjust to get VGA to work right?


Try pressing the output select button.  I know in one mode it outputs a fixed resolution, another is for svid/composite and the third is for high res stuff (640x480 up to 1920x1080)  In that last mode you should be able to hit the mode select button to choose what resolution... the color of the lit up mode should change.  I know red is 640x480 but im not sure what the rest are.


I think I tried that, but I may have already switched to dvi by the time I figured out the mode button. I'll add that to my list of things to try when I'm back home.

Am I right in thinking that the xpc should output the same whether it's VGA or dvi?



Ive actually never used my DVI port on my XPC4 I think as long as your monitor supports the resolutions  @ 60Hz over VGA youll be fine.


It looks like the monitor I was using just wasn't compatible with anything the XPC would put out. Not sure why. When I switched to a different monitor, it started working just fine.

From a few minutes of playing with it, I have a LOT to learn about video conversion, but at least I know I'm starting from a good place now. Thanks for the advice!