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XRGB-2 and LCD

Started by sakaiza91, June 11, 2014, 11:44:12 PM

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I was thinking about to plug a X68k to an old lcd monitor
To do so I'd plug the x68k in the "pc in" input of the XRGB-2 and the XRGB-2's output to the LCD.
  Is that a good idea or I'm going to blow it all?


the XRGB2 doesn't come with a Japanese RGB-15 > VGA cable so youll have to make your own. I don't think the XRGB2 will switch resolutions well (15/31 in game) you really should use an XPC4 for this.


   Thanks for the answer.
  Well, I'm going to buy that XPC-4  , I'll need a SLG 3000 to have scan line. I don't need a sync strike with that setup?
   I also have a GBS-8220, do you know if is it useful while I'll wait for the XPC-4?


On XRGB2+, PC in and out is just a passthrough interrupted when xrgb is on so you can display other sources without the need of unplugging the computer.
It has no effect on frequency or resolution.
I'm pretty sure it's gonna be the same on XRGB2.

Better go for XPC-4, yes


an SLG3000 is too much. If you run your games @ 640x480 or 800x600 through the XPC then use get a miniSLG.
1024x768 is ok too but any higher or lower they don't line up right.


   Ok, thanks for the tip!  :)