(Fixed)Unknown error on my X68k Super

Started by Fused, May 08, 2013, 11:27:25 AM

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Fixed: RAM expansion had a broken trace, soldered it.


so I picked up my Super today, installed the RAM board (4MB), set it up etc. So far so good but when I try to run games I usually gets this error message here:
http://i.imgur.com/7UQKCAA.jpg (or a variation thereof, different numbers) this doesn't happen with all games, for example: Cotton (both from the original floppies and from my CF setup) gives me this error but Parodius and Castlevania (again, both floppies and CF) don't for some reason and runs perfectly. Also some games on the CF have bad graphics, Final Fight for example is just garbage on the screen. I'm using the image from superdeadite. I suspect its some sort of more serious hardware error...which would suck.

This is actually my third X68000 and the second from the same seller on yahoo (the one with that beige couch in the background ;) who refurbishes them completly ). My previous machine (Expert) never had such a problem.

Any help is appreciated :)

Edit: I figured it out: My RAM expansion is kinda broken. Looks like I've managed to cut one of lines on the top...is it possible to resolder that?


please post a picture of your RAM expansion focusing on broken traces.Usually it's possible to repair tracks using some jumper wires.


Yup, that was exactly the problem but I fixed it already, managed to cut into one of the traces somehow...better be more careful next time. ;)

Cheers. :)