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Nereid ethernet

Started by neko68k, May 11, 2013, 04:42:24 AM

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I can't edit on the wiki right now, so here :) Tested with xm6g, should also work with hardware(you lucky person). Thanks to GIMONS for pointing me in the right direction.

XM6G Specifics:

  • Use OpenVPN TAP driver.
  • Install it and rename the interface to something reasonable, I use 'tap-bridge', in your Windows network interface options.
  • Select the tap interface and your LAN interface, right click and select 'bridge connections'.
  • In XM6G put your TAP interface name in the Nererid tab.
  • Close and re-open XM6G.

Nereid Stuff:

Extract all of TCP PACK A to your x68000 disk. Make sure /BIN is included in your path and that /ETC is off the root of your disk.
I recommend creating a BAT file with the following commands:

ifconfig ip0 up
ifconfig en0 netmask up
inetdconf +dns +domain x68k +router

You will need to change all the IP's above to reflect your actual network. You will also need to add/create some files. Some of the files are available in TCP PACK A.
/etc/hosts localhost localhost x68k x68k


127 loopback
192.168.0 private-net


ip 0 IP
icmp 1 ICMP
tcp 6 TCP
udp 17 UDP


ftp-data 20/tcp
ftp 21/tcp
telnet 23/tcp
domain 53/tcp
domain 53/udp
finger 79/tcp

Run your BAT file. Ping Enjoy. The same software recommendations apply from the PPP/Serial wiki entry.