[N64] Where is the bios? what is the eprom reference?

Started by localheureux, September 23, 2010, 11:53:52 PM

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Hi all,

All is in the title, I would to say where is exactly the bios what is the chip on the PCB?
And what eprom could be used for replace it?

A 512Ko i guess but what model?

Thanks a lot.


AFAIK the closest thing the N64 has to the bios is contained within the PIF chip which along with the lock out mechanism contains the logic that deals with the controllers.  It contains the code that bootstraps the CPU.
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The RCP NUS chip has a FIRMWARE rom.

The CPU-NUS has a built in ROM as well. They're identical for all N64s.  

The bits of ROM on the PIF chips though vary per region.

The cartridge ROM chips are custom and use an proprietary multiplexed bus.

So NO, you won't be making repros of N64 carts unless you own a chip manufacturing plant or know a LOT about FPGA and design... :)