HELP! Do u know how to make a Super Nintendo from America work in Europe?

Started by lalacar, September 24, 2010, 04:48:44 AM

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I really need your help. I brought my Super Nintendo from America (bought in Mexico) to Denmark, but the cable that goes attached to the tv has not the same entrance the tvs in Denmark have behind.
And I have no idea how can I plug in my American super Nintendo here in Denmark. Can anybody help me telling me what to do and how to make my Super Nintendo work here?
Any help will be much appreciated.  :)


Welcome to GamesX. The two terms you need to research are PAL and NTSC. The European video standard is known as PAL, and the American one is known as NTSC. So in addition to a different connector, you also have to convert the video signal.

Can you describe the connectors in question, and tell us what year your SNES unit was made? It may be possible for you to connect the system to a modern TV using a different output type without having to bother with converting the video, but without knowing the rest of the information we can't know for sure. Pictures would be helpful too.


Do you have a Nintendo 64 or Gamecube? They use the same video cable as the SNES (any region). Use that.

It will work.  :)


buy either a s-video or composite n64/game cube cable, it will work regardless of region