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Started by djlooka, May 02, 2010, 02:32:45 AM

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not contented to have fried a MD in the process, I'm still into SCART modding some old consoles.
Some years ago I mistakenly boutght a french NES without cables, as I thought I could use my old RCA.
Now I'd like to add a female SCART connector, and I found the original cable pinout (somewhere in this forum).

Quote1  2 3  4 5
? = = = = =?

  6  7 8  9 10

Assuming we're looking into the end of the cable, pinout is:

1 Video / luminance
2 Right / mono audio
3 Blue video
4 Ground for right / mono audio and blue video
5 Green video
6 Ground for green video and red video / chroma
7 Red ivdeo / chroma
8 Ground for video / luminance / blanking  <--- forgotten on my handwritten diagram
9 Blanking
10 Function switching

I also found out how the pins are soldered on the mainboard, so now I need some help to draw a good diagram.
My idea is to connect the pins on the mainboard to the female OUT SCART connector:
from here ...
to here

My guess is:

M/B pin|SCART pin

Any guesses for caps/resistors?

Thanks in advance,


Ok, so my bad luck is not leaving me...
Today I was going to try this SCART mod, but I discovered that my frog-eater  NES is *already* dead!  x__x'
At least, it seems to have the "blinking led of death", which I couldn't fix by polishing the contacts...

I'd like to post anyway my corrected diagram, just in case...


Frog eater? That's not very polite! :P

Disabling the lockout chip of the NES doesn't just make it able to play foreign NES carts, it also prevents the NES from constantly resetting. If you still get only a grey image your carts probably need a cleaning.