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NES Lockout chip

Started by Kouske, February 15, 2004, 05:01:31 AM

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So i try to do this mod and succeded in some way i think??

Anyways, the deal was that i was supposed to flip pin 4 and attach it to pin 15.

But for some reason (this was harder than with the snes) the pin disconnected from the lockout chip and i simple´┐Ż removed the whole thing thinking that i had to say goodbye to my 11 year old nes.

So i reassemble the thing and to my surprise it works with my PAL games.
And i read that if you remove cartridge and turn on the nes
a : if the screen flickers, its not universal
b: if it doesn't flicker, its universal.

My nes when no cartridge is attached stays at one screen with an orange color.

Did i possibly modify it correctly. Is my nes universal now???.



I don't know were tou see that, but for this mod all you need is flip pin 4. And yes your nes is universal now!!!


Here's a thing, when I broke pin 4 on my PAL NES, some games run faster, like Mario Brothers runs and plays music faster than even compared to an emulator, maybe something that would be similar a 70Hz speed.
Any idea why?


:/ mine runs normal 50hz speed with the pin removed.. were there different revisions of the nes mobo? or diff versions of the game?