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Sega Saturn Mod

Started by fragment, May 20, 2004, 11:44:24 AM

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Well, I originally tried the switchless import mod, but wasn't having any luck. I kept getting a "disc not suitable" message when booting up. I got frustrated, and just decided to scrap the switchless, and go for a switch. When I finished that mod, I still got the "disc not suitable" error. I took apart everything, tested all the wires, and I also replugged my modchip. Finally I got it to work, and I was thinking that maybe my modchip wasn't fully plugged in, or making a good connection. I cleaned up the pins on the last attempt.

Another thing that sucks is the plastic mount around where the power cable plugs in got cracked where the screws go in, so the screws don't really secure it. I am afraid that if it is plugged and unplugged alot, it will do some damage to the powerboard. Oh well, it works pretty good now, and I will update some photos of the switch!


That power connector takes a lot of abuse, it's not uncommon for it to crack.   you should easily be able to snag another connector from another saturn, or maybe even DC or PS power supply.  That said, I wouldn't worry about it too much, you're unlikey to hurt anything as it gets progressively looser.