Disassembling a snes.

Started by Kouske, February 14, 2004, 02:42:08 AM

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A guide, faq or step to step guide on this would be much appreciated.
This is a PAL snes.

EDIT: Never mind. After some risky testing i found out how to do it myself.
Just one question.
Can't seem to locate serieal number of any kind nor chip 4 witch i need to mod.

Any help on this.


No need, i managed to do it and know my snes work with imports.
Though there are still some witch i cannot play.

In this faq, mark mentions a DPST witch allow play of all games.
Anybody know witch DPST switch from the link below it is.
Also, witch switch is needed to do the 50/60 snes mod.

Thanx for all your support.