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Started by Kouske, February 16, 2004, 02:37:22 AM

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It's some kind of SNES development  system.  I'm guessing you would load the ROM image file of the game being developed into the units SRAM via the GPIB port.  Once loaded the game could be debugged via the RS232 port, maybe with just a serial terminal, but more likely a PC with special  (impossible to get)software.

If it was mine I'd hook up a terminal and see if anything happened while playing a game.  The GPIB port is a bit harder.  Assuming it's just a standard GPIB port you could use a GPIB card in a PC (GPIB was used for lots of stuff, mainly lab equipment though), or make an adapter and connect it to a PC printer port (has been done for other GPIB gear).  Either way you'd still be stuck having to reverse engineer it in order to write the software to drive it.

Would be cool to play with, but I can't afford it at the moment :(.  

If you were just looking for something to play all those ROM files you've downloaded I wouldn't bother.  There are easier/cheaper ways to do that, but they're off topic here.


Well, should i decide to buy it, i would do it only because its an excellent collectors item.

I mean, 235$ after 14 bids.
Thats quite something if ya ask me :rolleyes:  


Too much $, �, � or whatever else it is.
Why are you reading this?