Using MKIMG to backup and restore file images on an X68000

Started by Magic Knight, November 18, 2009, 07:24:16 PM

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Magic Knight

MKIMG is a program which will allow you to make images of your disks for storage on another medium (hard disk, MO disk etc.) and also allows you to write images back to disk. For instance, if you were to download the Human68K system disks from the Internet as .XDF files, you could write them back to a real disk using MKIMG.

It's downloadable from here as part of the 2HDSIM package:

The format is MKIMG.x <switches> <drive:> <image file>

Allowable switches are:
-B : make a backup from disk (default, unneeded)
-R : restore a backup to disk
-E : make a blank disk file

Running MKIMG without parameters, or with a -? Or –H parameter will display a short help file.


MKIMG.x b: mygame.img
will make an image of the disk in drive B and call it mygame.img, saving it in the current directory

MKIMG.x –R b: a:\games\mygame.img
will write a disk in drive B with the image called mygame.img which is in A:\games\

MKIMG.x -E mygame.img
will make an blank image file and call it mygame.img