Working with Japanese filenames using HISTORY.X

Started by Magic Knight, November 18, 2009, 07:19:14 PM

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Magic Knight

You may have found while browsing disks, that there are often files whose names are written in Japanese. For instance, there are three such files on the Bubble Bobble disk (all text documents). So your problem may well be either you can't read the characters, don't know how to input them, or both. In this case the easiest way to enter file and directory names at the command line is to use the autocomplete feature of the history driver.

Check your config.sys file and add the following line if it's not already present, and then save and reset the machine.

At the command line, simply press the TAB key repeatedly and you will see each file and directory being displayed in turn.

You can limit the filenames by entering the first character or first few characters.
For example, autoexec.bat will appear if you type A-key and TAB-key.

So, to edit one of the aforementioned files on the Bubble Bobble disk, you would enter:
ED <TAB><TAB>... until the filename appeared and then just hit return.