Forum super duper slow?

Started by ken_cinder, May 08, 2009, 12:26:47 PM

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I'm guessing the forums are on a different server than the main website? I have the main site bookmarked, so I come to the forums through there.

Main site loads lightning fast, but the forums literally take anywhere from 30 seconds to upwards of a few minutes to load for the last week or two.

Having known issues, or is it just me? (I ran a tracert, and it got brutally slow as soon as it hit JP hostnames, so maybe it's just me?)


How curious.  They do run on the same server.  They still respond more or less immediately...  I haven't noticed any slowdown at all, anyone else? 


I didn't want to speak too soon, seeing as it was happening for a length of time, but as of yesterday it seems to be back to normal.

Now of course, since I said something, it will go back to being slow for me.