My nearly complete supergun.

Started by airthrow, February 04, 2009, 08:25:12 PM

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 Because I have a sony PVM monitor which supports Analog RGB through a DB-25 connector, I didn't need an encoder chip in this project, but I will probably add one later should I ever want to bring this to someone else's house.  The box for my SG is an old Fischer stereo reciever I had that broke.  It is good because it can sit in any entertainment center and look classy.   ;)

It's not 100% done, I am waiting for to re-stock their sanwa parts so I can get two joysticks for it, so I haven't bothered with the controller ports yet.  They will be DB-15's though.  I will also be doing some LED's when the front power switch is turned on when I have a minute.

in the back it has speaker wire ports, I will be adding some RCA jacks too when I get around to it as well.

The DB-25 port on the back is so I can use a female to male PC cable to connect it to my monitor, and the power supply was a HUGE pain in the ass.  I had to snip the wires and capacitors connected to the power supply connector port so that I could mount it properly in the back of the reciever.  I don't have the proper tools to drill through steel so this was a LONG process.