Sega Saturn Pad -> NeoGeo

Started by NFG, November 14, 2006, 10:02:51 AM

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This mod is pretty easy: remove the chip from a Saturn pad and attach the new cable's wires to the little pads where the chip used to be.  That's it: You now have a NeoGeo-compatible Saturn Pad!

In a similar vein, there's also this USB mod.


Don't know wheter this question deserves a new thread or not but it feels related to this thread in one way since I am going to mod a gamepad to work with my MVS board, however. I need connectors for it, my first guess was that it was "normal" DB15 cable that was needed like the ones that normally are used as midi/game ports on soundcards. But when I examine the MVS board a little more I notice that these ports are severly deeper, I have searched a bit, and plan to search a bit more but at the moment I have not found  any such cables or connectors to use that are as long as the MVS ports are deep. Would it be unwise to saw of a portion of the controller ports on the MVS board to allow the DB15 connectors I have? Or am I simply blind because I can not find any DB15 connectors with the correct depth? Are they called something special other than DB15 perhaps?


beautifully done.  That's gotta be one fun soldering job