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Sega Hardware Map

Started by NFG, August 27, 2003, 02:30:02 AM

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I just did this up.  It covers every single console Sega ever made, along with their derivatives.  The only things it doesn't cover are the Brazilian TecToy releases (like the MS Compact and the MS Girl) and regional variances like PAL and US releases.  It also doesn't cover cosmetic changes to the Dreamcast line, 'cause there's like four thousand of them.

Did I miss anything?  Let me know!


Very nice. Create a fucking banner so I can link to your site, now. ;)

Limbs a Flyin'

i dont know if these are classed as pal regional variances and you also mentioned leaving out samsung machines but heres my comments anyways:

grandstand sc-1000 - a sega grandstand branded pal sc-1000 was released down here in New Zealand but I have no idea if it was avaliable anywhere else (Australia, Europe etc) - i dont know how many were made, but i think 2000 units might be a reasonable estimate if it wasnt sold anywhere else

sc1000 clones - othello multivision? and this thing (bootleg?)

samsung gam*boy - samsung master system, theres also a samsung mastersystem2 (gam*boy2???  do either machine have the FM chip?)

samsung megadrives - i have a megadrive2, while its samsung branded on the outside and on the pcb, it still has the regular sega megadrive2 style customchip. I am satisfied that its a legit licensed machine

master system adaptors  - maybe not worth mentioning as the megadrive does all the work

shouldnt the megajet/nomad branch off the megadrive2?  


Most of your comments have been asked by others on other forums before, and I forget what wordy answers I used, but something along the lines of "They're just regional variances, and since they're for boring MS/MD consoles I didn't list them (ran out of space yaknow).  =)

That covers the Grandstand units (which really aren't different than their japanese counterparts).  If I covered all the regional variences there'd be 40 more circles on that map.  O_o  

I didn't cover clones because that opens too many floodgates.

The last one is a very good point.  It should come from the MD2, and I think I'll change that.

[edit] Fixed!  Redid the  MD CD section, cut out some of the Saturn cosmetic variants, and put the MJ on the MD2 branch.


Small thing, but I think you should really list Mega-Tech and Mega-Play both.. and somehow link Mega-Tech to MasterSystem.

Mega-Tech came out in 1989, some of the games are Megadrive games, some SMS games.  The games are timed. You pay for play time. It's not JAMMA compatible.
Mega-Tech and Mega-Play cartridges aren't interchangeable.
Mega-Play came out in 1993 and is sort of a "Mega-Tech II". It only plays Megadrive games.  You pay for playing the game (until Game Over). It's JAMMA.

Mega-Tech takes 8 carts, Mega-Play 4.  According to mr.Google, there's far more Mega-Tech cartridges around than Mega-Play ones (which seems a bit weird).

So there :)

I still want a poster sized version of this map to put on my wall :)


Hmmm... u have SOME arcade boards (Naomi etc..) but not nearly the full spectrum of the bread and butter of Sega...

Cool job, but far from hardware complete...

The Saturn had Arcade Variants as well called ST-V Titan (one of saturns moons) systems, DOA was 1st on this system, as well as DIehard arcade...

Sega started making Arcade games back in 1968, electro mechanical ones, 1st game released by them was called periscope... but that ommision is excusable, hell they were still called Service Games back then...

But what's a SEGA hardware chart without the infamous r-360?

Or the Martin Marrietta made Model X Systems? Model 1, Model 2 and still probably one of the best looking graphic hardwares around Model 3...


This is a Sega CONSOLE map, not a Sega ARCADE map.  There's a thousand arcade variants not listed.  All this map covers is the console gear and their direct descendants.

As for Manu's suggestion, I think we should just consider the MegaPlay as including the MegaTech.  Neither piece of hardware is significantly different from the other that they should be separated.


Mr. Saturn


great Map...

The Genesis 3 is from SEGA?
You should add the following:

- SF-7000
It was an extension system (like the Mega-CD for the Mega Drive) for the SC-3000 with 64kb Cache, Floppy, etc...

- Tectoys officialy licensed products Master System Compact (Girl), Master System 3 and Mega Drive 3

- The Majesco Game Gear

- The SEGA Wonderbook (like Pico)

Mr. Saturn

And you should delete non-released consoles like Neptun or Samsung V2

And what is System E and Mega Play (were they released respectively are this consoles?)



Quotewhere the CHIHIRO ???
And which Sega console is the Chihiro based on, exactly?



it's clever, kinda

Ed Oscuro

Hot dang. Saw the link to this discussion from the main pages...Well, let's put it this way: I knew about the Aiwa system, about the Teradrive (blast my not buying one when I had the chance, though I'd like to get the Model 3) and the SC-X000 releases (for the most part). That said, this map is...beautiful.

Oh, and I hope you guys saying "Genesis 3 was released by Sega?" and so on are just joking ;P

Thanks a lot!


I think the 'genesis 3' comments result from the significant confusion regarding the licensed and official Majesco-released Genesis 3, and the pirated multi-game MegaDrive 3, which is common in Asia, which features Sega's logo on the box.

I think it's pirated - I've never really looked into it, but it didn't used to have the Sega logo, and now it does...  Brazen theft?  I think so.


I think I mentioned this on IRC (or somewhere) - the Sakura DC was a hardware variant in that it couldn't play music CD's. Don't know if your chart should or shouldn't reflect that.