Japanese CelPhone Games.

Started by NFG, September 20, 2003, 03:14:05 AM

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Here we go: 257 screenshots from Vodaphone / J-Phone Java-enabled celphones in Japan.  This is, I reckon, about 60% of what's available.  This covers Sega, Capcom, Konami, (oops, forgot Namco), Cave, Kaze, Taito, and a handful of others.

After owning my Java phone for a few months I only today reset the PIN number, which was set to something completely strange when I got the phone.  I've tried six games (3 don't suck) and a handful of game sounds effects.

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Here's a page on my phone:
And in English:


And when you're done with that, may I present the most beautiful woman in the universe.

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So I downloaded seven games so far, at an average cost of 150 Yen (About a dollar).  Here's what I've found:

Magical Drop is excellent, and is surprisingly playable considering the limitations of the controller.  I managed a six-combo against the CPU, and generally enjoyed my time.  It even includes pre-match smack-talk.  Cost: Y150. 

Kaze, responsible for one of my all-time favourite games, has totally let me down.  Both of their pinball games I tried completely sucked, with boring playfields, lame graphics and pathetically choppy and slow ball movement.  Very disappointing, especially considering their games were the most expensive at Y200 each.

Far better was the pinball from Success (who did Magical Drop) which was quicker and more fun than the Kaze outing.  Y150.

Better still was the Taito Trance Pinball, which had very smooth ball movement, lots of sounds, and stunning presentation.  Y100.

Taito continued the excellent trend with some other great games: Space Invaders, and Invader's Groove.  Both were a dollar, but seem limited to ten plays (10 cents a game is pretty reasonable, really).  SI is what you'd expect - graphics are about 2600-quality, and the game is very smooth and it plays very well.  Invader's Groove is very unique, kind of Rez meets Space Invaders.  Excellent graphics, but choppy movement.  Very decent tunes too for a celphone game.  Both games flash the screen and vibrate when you die, and it's like an electric shock.  You work your ass off to avoid getting hit.

Next up: Burger Time, and maybe some more Taito goodies. 

Screenshots from the games I tried:


did you try Psychic Force or Darius??  I'm curious to know how they came out.


I didn't try them, both require more phone than I've got.  I did however give these two a try:

Burger Time is exceptional, and the racing game, while a bit on the unsmooth side, is a drifting good time.

It's interesting to note that Success is doing Magical Drop and Burger Time on J-Phone, but Hudson is doing them for i-mode.  Data East may be dead, but their IP lives on.

Hudson's got a lot of content for i-mode, including the obligatory Bomberman, several flavours of Star Soldier, Bomberman Kart, Ys I + II, Adventure Island and more.

Oh yeah, I've also been playing this one a lot.  It's a very excellent little pinball game from Taito.  So far 100% of their stuff has been impressively playable on the celphone, so if you get a chance, try their stuff.



It's the same deal with phones in Korea as Japan in that every phone can be used to download and play games on, though there are fewer games to choose from.  

Sadly, it never really caught on despite an advertising campaign from one of the big wireless companies pushing it heavily.  But I can get free Puzzle Bobble ringtones!


wow...the racer looks like Masaya's Moto Roader.

Unfortunately, taito games haven't really made it to phones over here, nor hudson :\

cellphone games in the US are a farce!


Quotecellphone games in the US are a farce!
They're not much better in Europe, according to the people I've asked.  In both Europe + Japan i-mode allows unsigned Java to run on their handsets, so there's a HUGE amount of sub-par crap as well as some great amateur stuff that won't reach the J-Phone community, I'm sure.  i-mode has a lot more software available, they've also got the userbase to warrant it.  J-Phone's licensing structure is apparently restrictive and lucrative, so there's some erstwhile attempts to generate decent content. 

Update on my adventures:  Downloaded PacMan Pinball and another gem from Taito, Star Mobile.  Check 'em out:

The pacman pinball is as good as any other, and far better than the depressingly awful Kaze stuff (which I deleted to make room for these...  Bye-bye, four-hundred Yen).  Namco's pricing is great, three hundred Yen per month and I can download as much as I want.  If my phone had an SD cardslot I could store their entire library on it, but sadly I'm limited to like 2MB for Java apps...  Or was it 200k?  I forget.


it really bothers me that there is no free java support for US cellphones - at least as far as I know.  I mean - if I'm going to play bullshit crap on my phone, it may as well be free.  I pay for the ability to download the shit, so there should be some concession for amateur stuff.  



QuoteAnd when you're done with that, may I present the most beautiful woman in the universe.
WOW I've been collecting Kaoru pics for years and this is probably one of the rarest I've seen.... any more of her? :D  


Wonder if any of those games will run on my B&W "free" Nokia piece of crap.


Guess I'll have to keep playing "Snake" or whatever the fuck that abomination is called. ;P

Seven Force

I know the folks over at shmups would think I'm crazy, but I have most of the Cave shooters.

Yeah, they're not meant for phones, but I'll take my shooting in anyway I can get. :P  


QuoteAnd when you're done with that, may I present the most beautiful woman in the universe.
Cell phone games? What are cell phone games? She doesn't look like a cell phone game  :wub:

Anyway, I have a cell phone. Never wanted it. My mom wants me to have it. I hate it. I'd use smoke signals before I use a cell phone. My games are crappy, too. Stupid memory matching games and stuff. At least my mom's paying for it, and I'm not. Stupid moms  :angry: