just so everyone knows

Started by NFG, August 19, 2003, 04:23:22 PM

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just so everyone knows, I hate XP's networking with a seething passion .  

Words cannot describe it, but let me assure you, if when XP decided port forwarding was too much of a chore I wasn't angry, I was several degrees of livid when, today, it decided that dammit to hell  running with PPPoE was too much fucking work and random lag would be more fun.

People who say "XP sucks" and "Get a router" and "use linux foo" can fucking bite me, because I'm not stupid - I had this shit DIALLED, it was working flawlessly for a YEAR.  fucking with all the ports on a router has always struck me as the wrong way to approach a problem that, until now, was solved for me by clicking a button and saying "work."  

I've spent a goddamned week on this horseshit and nothing fucking changed, across four XP installs and two W2k installs.  I'm fucking angry.  

And that concludes my speech.  I'm going to take a long dump, then I'm going to go buy two NICs and make a router out of this spare PC.