Forest fire in my hometown

Started by NFG, August 22, 2003, 11:01:14 AM

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An ICQ message from a friend of mine:
Forest Fire south of Kelowna

Day 1: See flames from end of burtch on Okanagan mountain, burning north, towards us
Day 2: Lots of smoke, fire burning east, grows to 1200 Hectares
Day 3: Fire burning north again can see Okanagan Mountain to Crawford in flames, fire       
            grows to 1800 Hectares
Day 4: smokey, barely see the flames, fire burns south and east, grows to 2800 Hectares

Day 5: To smokey to see fuck all, fire burns east and south, to 13,000 Hectares increasing in size by 5x, Okanagan Mountain is entirly gone now.

Today: Thick could of smoke, can't see dilworth from here and it's snowing ash lightly, fire perdicted to move both north and south today with high winds.

Tommorrow: Were fucked.

Pics of the fire: