Modding my Pal Snes questions

Started by joshwaan, September 19, 2005, 07:14:59 PM

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Hi guys

I got a Copier for the Snes and want to try a few US roms that are from the states.
Now I've did some research about this 50/60 Switch mod thing.

 I have two SPU chips on the machine, I opened it today with some bics pens hehe.

So my board is fully compatible with doing this mod.
I got some questions for those, who have done this.


I work at a computer store and we have switch's and resisters, would slide switch double pole double throw be fine to use?

2. is this a good guide to use for modding the snes?

3. Once I've completed the mod from that guide my pal snes should play US carts and roms in full screen?

Thanks for taking to time to read my post