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Saturn LCD

Started by Guest_bitman, November 24, 2003, 09:34:38 AM

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This is my Sega Saturn LCD ( Saturn with LCD screen NGC ) :rolleyes:


That's pretty neat, how'd you attach it?  And what's the screen use, composite video?  From the pic it seems pretty washed out on the sides, is that how it looks 'for real'?


LCD screens like that are sold pretty much everywhere in Korea, including shops at subway stations.  A perk due to Korea dominating the LCD manufacturing industry.

I can get one with an 8 inch display for about $90US I believe.  I keep thinking about picking one up to strap to something, but then realize I would never use it.


I have use two screw for fixed the screen .
The LCD screen is bad quality ( trademark Big Ben ) .


These LCDs have made me curious, I bought this Game Theory Admiral handheld recently and now, for no good reason, I would like to use the PA025XS1 screen on it to display my consoles via RGB.

I was planning to make a new plug on the side of the handheld so I could still use it for it's intended purpose.
Looking at the schematics, are the console signals suitable for this screen without any mods and what exactly should I connect?


damn, that looks incredible.  id kill for  asaturn screen....did you order the screen off lik-sang or did you make it?  hah, i could never do that...someday when im more advanced in the electronics field maybe...

looks like you have a hisaturn navi...lucky ;-)

I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


Thanks for the I just bought it :D  I'm going to pay for it through Paypal after I get out of court.  Let me know how much the shipping is....Thanks!! :D

-Zachary (Segasonicfan)