Windows On an Xbox

Started by The_RandomMan, December 17, 2003, 03:52:53 AM

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I have an xbox with absolutly no games so im curious if i could turn it into an average pc, its a pretty nice machine, but i will need to upgrade the ram (only 64 megs of shared ram!!) does anyone have info on the xbox's os? is it a modified nt shell or is it custom built? and is there any way to get that 10 gig hd to work in a pc so i can see whats on the drive?


I think you can find most of your answers on

It's my understanding that if you unlock your 10GB hard drive, you should be able to get the pc to atleast acknowledge that it's there, however I'm not sure if you can read it in windows since it's running a different file system (fatx).  One thing to keep in mind is you will need a different bios to run the unsigned code (which is what the different OS you want to run on it is).  Once you have a new bios on there, you can even go so far as putting a bigger hard drive in it.  I know people have gotten linux to run on the xbox, and you may be able to run vmware or something from there to get windows running, but I don't think I've heard of windows running on the xbox.  Something to keep in mind is that depending on which optical drive you have in the xbox you may only be able to read dvd-r/rw discs.  Also, your xbox may have an 8gb or a 10gb hard drive.  Without unlocking the hard drive you will only be able to use 8gb of it, however if the hard drive is unlocked and you aren't running a modified bios you won't be able to boot your xbox anymore lol.  In any case, I'd recomend some serious research on before you attempt this.

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thanks for the info dude, i think the reason that people put linux on the xbox is, if your geeky egnough to actually go through with it, then your OS of choice is going to be linux.


Actually, the Linux on X-Box team put up a guide on how to install Windows 2000 to the X-Box.  :blink:  I guess they got bored.