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My 2 Console Mods

Started by ALeXiS, July 13, 2005, 10:01:42 AM

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hi there!
my name is alexis and i enjoy to mod consoles :)
my job in real life is repairing mobile phones so i am familiar with soldering and stuff. i want to show you 2 of my actual mods i have done so far.

us n64 with rgb mod and color booster inside. also modded for playing japanes carts without an adaptor.
painted it white with airbrush and removed the n64 logo and also the 'nintendo' logo on the top. the buttons are also blank.

multinorm pal xbox system with aladdin chip, 160gb hdd.
removed the 'xbox' font from the dvd-rom, removed the numbers over the controller ports and also the 'microsoft' logo on the front and the 'compact disc' logo on the back.
cuttet out the xbox emblem and put in a mirror, an led-ring and a playboy logo.
painting the whole xbox in silver/pink (i know that pink is not everybody's color, but hey: its not that often like silver/blue mods and it's sexy i think ;))

hope you like it. post your comments here. :)



i think that xbox would sell for a crapload on ebay.


Very nice work.  The camera does a good job of hiding the flaws on the N64.  =)

I hate painting consoles, it's really hard work, especially if you try to keep the texture of the original.  Painting makes them very smooth.

Yours turned out very well, good job.  

Welcome to the forums.  


Thanks Lawrence  :P
Painting is really the hardest part of all. soldering isn't really a problem and don't need that much time.

btw: i think i know you from irc somewhere (some years ago as viruz666 - i hang around with elend, i think you know him).

i forgot: the xbox got a silent mod also with a 80mm pc-fan.


In terms of painting & keeping the texture...
I have heard vinyl dye is the best for this. Sinks in to the plastic rather than sitting on top like paint does. Keeps the original texture almost perfectly.


Vinyl dye works dead on for keeping the detail in almost every situation I have used it in from PC DVD drive face plates to game system "touch ups".  There are only a few problems I have had using it myself.  
      The first one is the limited colors that are out there.  Not alot to work with unless you like car colors from the early 80's/late 70's.  All is not lost though!  Some custom car paint places will mix up colors that you want and give it to you in a spray can.  It is a bit more pricey but damn they can look good.
      Second problem with vinyl dye is the fact is that it is ment for vinyl or car fabric.  It does work with some "soft or flexible"  plastics that will soak in the spray better.  Most game system plastics are too "hard" absorb the dye.  It can be flaked off pretty easily just like some spray paints.  If your careful you can just re-coat the scratch a little at a time and it will look like nothing happened at all.
      It would be intresting to try some grey vinyl dye with "yellowed" SNES's.  Since the yellowing happened it might be safe to assume that the plastic might be porus enough to soak in the dye and take on a more snes gray like color.

Just a thought.


i never ever want the original texture after a paint job.
i want a smooth surface and not the original texture a console has ;)


I dislike the sticky smooth surface paint leaves.  Some spray paints offer a heavily textured finish, but most are really finger-printy smooth.


That has to be the most horn looking xbox I ever seen! Fantastic work.

I especially like the smoothed off no badge/logo effect on the n64, gives the case a real clean look. (Works well on cars too)


Very nice pains jobs there! :P
The biggest pain in the *** is trying to paint text! :lol:  
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The N64 looks great. Would you care to make an FAQ on how to paint a console like that? I've got no experience with console painting, but I would really love to do it once, it looks so smooth. I'm really interested in how you removed the logo in the front an the writing on the buttons and expansion pack lid.


yes I am also very interested in knowing how you did that too.  please write an guide or something.