playing US N64 games on PAL console

Started by Andeh, September 22, 2005, 03:32:55 AM

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is this possible?
Im pretty good at modding things, so if this is possible I would like to know how to do it.
Mainly because i play F-Zero X and the PAL version is simply too slow for me.  So rather than try and get hold of a US console, I would rather just find a US version of the game if I can get it to play on my PAL console.

Thanks for any help.


Honestly, you are better off buying a second hand NTSC N64. There seems to be no way to play US games on a PAL N64 without an "import player" cartridge, and even if you can find one, not all games will work.

I went through this phase years ago and managed to find an import player  cartridge adaptor, but ended up getting a US N64 and NTSC versions of most of the PAL launch line up, which were all terrible PAL conversions (slow and letterboxed).


Buy an NTSC N64 and NTSC F-zero X, you should be able to reuse your video-cables, controllers and power supply. Shouldn't be that expensive. Plus simple and optimal.

PS. F-zero X is my favorite game for N64 aswell =) awesome game, gotta love the game-play, music, controll and the levels and... I could go on forever, great game =)


F-Zero X contruction kit with 64DD will be even better... :P