Sega Saturn Video Out Problem!

Started by Guest_Shadow the Hedgehog, February 09, 2005, 08:52:58 AM

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Guest_Shadow the Hedgehog

To anyone who understands anything about Saturn�s hardware...

I have a brazilian model, that is nothing else than a USA model that has been transcoded from NTSC to Pal-M by the brazilian seller (Tec Toy).

Since I bought it I noticed that the colors were a little blurry. Like, the white had the red kinda out of focus (all white stuff had a red border in one side). I noticed in the mainboard that there was a wire solded there making a bridge in a chip near the A/V out so I tought it was the transcodification. I simply cut it and the problem was magicly (sp) gone!

Someday, I changed the Saturn from a TV to another (both TVs accept Pal-M, Pal-N and NTSC and a tv detected that the Saturn is still Pal-M) and for my surprise, the image was black and white! No mather which color system I selected in the TV, it kept BW...

And now, I bought a new TV with all new stuff (component video - sp - that one that splits the video cable into three and s-video) and now for my surprise, the Saturn runs with color, but, the RED color is missing! You can clearly see that it has blue and green, but it has no red!!

What the hell is happening to my Saturn?? How come in one TV it runs with color and in another it runs with 2 colors and the other without colors??

Any help is appreciated!