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sonic 3 pal?

Started by Fix_Metal, January 05, 2005, 12:02:41 AM

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Hi all. I have this cartridge that doesn't save.
Some ppl over the net says that it has a battery...
well i opened it and it has NO battery.
any hints?


Maybe you could offer some more info?  Like, maybe, what game it is, and what system it's for?


sonic the hedgehog 3 for mega drive. i can give u some photos of the cart if you want...


Stupid me, I didn't read the title of the thread.  Sorry!

Yeah, a pic of the innards would help.  Are you sure it's supposed to save?  (not familiar with sonic 3...)

dum dum

unlike most megadrive games, sonic3 saves to eeprom(flash) memory rather than battery backup.
make sure its not a pirate cart, they tend lack backup ram


well here they are.
anyway it's no way a pirate copy.
Cart with cover 1
Cart with cover 2
Front of cart
Back of cart
anyway Lawrence, didn't u receive my mail about MD2 9pin connectors? :blink:  :ph34r:  



:ph34r:  RTFM pls...


If its true it uses flash memory, then you are likely screwed, Looking at the pcb I can't tell which is which, but someone with more Gennie knowledge can probably trace it from the edge connector.

But you would then need to find a compatible replacement.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN